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Used 46″ Mower Deck #6 for Honda RT5000 Tractor

Used 46`` Mower Deck #6 for Honda RT5000 Tractor

This Item Is Sold. Call 845-344-5511 and speak with Brian Baker or Send an Email to inquire about this or other available items.

This is a used, fully serviced 46 inch mid mount mower deck for a Honda RT5000 tractor. This unit is about 90% complete and almost ready to mount on your existing tractor. IT IS MISSING SOME OF THE LIFT LINKAGE. (WHICH CAN BE ORDERED AT ADDITIONAL COST, IF SO DESIRED.) It is supplied with most necessary hardware, belts, pulleys, lift linkage, an owners manual, and a Formula H 12 month warranty. This unit ONLY fits the RT5000; it WILL NOT fit onto the H5013 or H5518.

We have replaced the spindles, spindle bearings, blades, belt, tensioner pulley, anti-scalp rollers, and discharge chute.

Yes, I know the paint is bad, but I don’t paint because; #1 – You can do it far cheaper than I can, and #2 – I don’t want anyone to think that I am trying to hide anything. What you see is what you get. The rust on here is surface, not through. RAB-0001719



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