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BRAND NEW Replacement Tines for Honda Tillers TL752A & TL5040

BRAND NEW Replacement Tines for Honda Tillers TL752A & TL5040

This is a BRAND NEW set of 24 tiller tines (12 left, 12 right) for a Honda TL752A or TL5040 rototiller. They fit either model. (They have the added benefit of being very heavy and thick (like the original tines for the TL752A) which gives them greater durability, longevity, and protection from impact strikes than the original tines from the TL5040. Tines are also available individually in any quantity at a cost of $15.00 per tine. In the photo, I show a factory original TL752A tine on the left, a factory original TL5040 tine in the center, and the replacement tine on the right.  You WILL NOT be disappointed in these! NEW INFORMATION————NEW INFORMATION——————NEW INFORMATION Depending upon the condition & amount of dents & deformations in your tiller housing, you ********may******* need to bend the cutting tips ever so slightly on a TL5040.  I have had scattered reports from my customers that the cutting tips sometimes will come into slight contact with the housing in various areas.  They have all reported that a slight inward (toward 90º) bend in the cutting edge end alleviates any issues.  In other words, make the tine on the right in the photo look like the tine in the center of the photo. NO RETURNS.



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