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Used 42″ Snowblower #2 for Honda RT5000, H5013, or H5518 Tractor

Used 42`` Snowblower #2 for Honda RT5000, H5013, or H5518 Tractor

This Item Is Sold. Call 845-344-5511 and speak with Brian Baker or Send an Email to inquire about this or other available items.

This is a used, fully serviced 42 inch, 2 stage snowblower for a Honda RT5000, H5013, or H5518 tractor. This unit is 100% complete and ready to mount on your existing tractor / male quick hitch. It is supplied with the female quick hitch, PTO driveshaft, chute rotation rod, chute rotation rod support, all necessary hardware, owners manual, extra shear bolts, and a Formula H 12 month warranty.

This is the exact same model that Honda supplied for the HT3810, HT3813, HT4213, H4013, H4514, and H4518 tractors.

If you already have the mounting hardware/frame for the 3810, 3813 or 4213, this is all you need to complete the package. (We don’t currently have the mounting hardware/frame in stock for these models.)

If you have a 4013, 4514, or a 4518, not only do we have the blower package, but we also have the necessary quick hitch/mounting frame and hardware to make a COMPLETE pakage. See the item on the previous page entitled ” Used Frame / Quick Hitch for Honda H4013, H4514, H4518 Tractor”.



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